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Sleep--brace™【🇮🇳COD + Local Stock 】

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SleepObrace™ aligns teeth, closes gaps, expands the narrow jaw arch, increases jawline and face structure aesthetics. SleepObrace™ affects oral and facial muscles around the mouth and nose. The tongue plate helps with getting used to unconsciously holding the tongue where it naturally should be, which is on the roof of the mouth with the lips closed (the so-called Mewing technique). In children, proper tongue posture and nasal breathing improve dental development, prevent issues with teeth and bite misalignment and costly orthodontic treatments in the future. Although this model of SleepObrace is not recommended for people under the age of 15, everyone should practice correct tongue positioning.

This habit of holding the tongue where it naturally should be, on the roof of the mouth with the lips closed, can help with breathing through the nose. Proper long-term tongue posture helps define the jawline and the facial muscles. Nasal breathing has a lot of benefits; ask any doctor. SleepObrace™ prevents teeth grinding and also helps with snoring and improper breathing problems.

Try SleepObrace™ before spending $2500+ on regular braces!

While regular orthodontic braces only align teeth, SleepObrace™ puts even pressure throughout the whole jaw. This kind of pressure results in a better facial shape, defined cheekbones, jawline, closed gaps, aligned teeth and expanded dental arch for people with narrow jaws. Regular orthodontic braces don't improve breathing habits and facial aesthetics.

Although we suggest getting all three strengths right away, you can choose just one depending on your needs and goals. Read the Strengths & Stages and Instructions section, and we will help you make the right decision!

Use effect and application situation

The following conditions apply! ! ! It can be corrected using our products.

   Universal Shape

The universal shape and size of SleepObrace™ is made out of non-toxic and flexible materials. It provides a strong pressure memory that contracts and pushes teeth into a new, desired position. It's designed to apply pressure evenly onto the teeth and jaw. SleepObrace™ D1 - Stage 1 is very soft, and that's why we recommend you start with it until you adapt for stronger models (D2 and D3). We analyzed over 2,000 different jaws from adult females and males. The flexible material of the mouthpiece smoothes out the small difference between both genders. The used material has the characteristic to fit most jaws with no abnormal teeth displacements. 

This mix of strong and evenly spread out pressure of SleepObrace™ with consistent nightly use makes changes and benefits possible even for adults. SleepObrace works as effectively as any other regular orthodontic in terms of teeth alignment and gap closing. Plus, it has the added value of increasing jawline and face structure aesthetics. If worn regularly at night, SleepObrace™ will unconsciously teach you how to hold the tongue at the roof of the mouth, which can help define the jaw. 


Order your SleepObrace™ today with zero risks with our 100% satisfaction policy. Beautiful smiles and satisfied customers are two of our favorite things. If SleepObrace doesn't fit you right, we offer a 30 day “no-questions-asked” money-back guarantee. 
 SleepObrace appliances have been approved by NTek & tested according to FDA standards. Materials used in SleepObrace have passed the FDA standard inspection - FDA Compliant.

Strengths & Stages 

SleepObrace appliances are appropriate in the following circumstances:

1) Dental Crowding 
2) Teeth Gaps
3) Narrow Dental Arch
4) Teeth Misalignment
5) Bite Misalignments - Malocclusions
6) Snoring & Teeth Grinding

Design features: 

• The first stage (D1): Soft. Mainly used to adapt to the orthotics and initial correction.

• The second stage (D2): Moderate. Further adapt to orthotics and enhance remedial effects.

• The third stage (D3): Hard. Increased correction force for post-correction and maintenance.

Although we suggest getting all three strengths right away, you can choose just one depending on your needs and goals.

Usage Instructions

Usage instructions

• Wear SleepObrace™ all night and 1 to 4 hours during the day.
• Wear SleepObrace™ when you study, read, watch TV, use the computer, or work. After using, please wash and store your SleepObrace™ in the matching box. 
• When you wear SleepObrace™ for the first time, the front teeth will feel uncomfortable, this is a normal phenomenon. If there is obvious pain, you can reduce the wear time of the orthotics, and after the sensitivity disappears, you can return to the prescribed time.

 The first stage (D1) is soft, use it for 1 to 3 months. 
 The second stage (D2) is moderate, use it for 6 to 8 months. 
 The third stage (D3) is hard, use it for 5 to 8 months.
• The correction process is divided into three stages. After using D1 for about 1 month, you can gradually start to use D2 during the day.

• Use D2 during the daytime and D1 during the night. When you fully adapt to D2, you can start gradually using D3. Use D3 during the daytime and D2 during the night. We recommend using SleepObrace™ every day in order to see noticeable improvement.

• We recommend using SleepObrace™ during sleep.
• Once the appliance is kept in the mouth all night, the treatment will be more effective. If you can't wear it at night, please increase the usage time during the day. 
• Most of the time, the mouth should be closed. When the brace is inside the mouth, the lips should be closed and breathing should be done through the nose.
• The tip of the tongue should always be on the tongue plate.
• The improvement can be seen within a few weeks after wearing. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consult with your doctor before using this, we are not responsible for any complications that may occur with your personal case. We cannot give you professional medical/dental advice. This is a DIY (do it yourself) device and therefore you will be using this at your own risk. When you contact us and if we give you any tips, do not take them for granted because we are not accountable to give you advice through the internet.

This device will force you to breathe through your nose and you won’t be able to breathe through your mouth. So, it isn’t recommended for people who have sleep apnea, difficulties breathing through their nose and other similar issues, to use this.