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4 Pieces Non-slip rubber【HOT SALE-45%OFF🔥🔥🔥】(Express 3 Day Delivery)

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Are you fed up with slippery rugs or rug corners getting in the way when you walk? Improved can solve all annoying carpet problems in seconds!

These non-slip rugs are made of a non-slip silicone gel base in a triangular shape and fit perfectly into the corners of the rug. Strong non-slip rug grips keep rugs securely in place and flat! Solves all annoying carpet problems including curling, slipping, sagging and pets. Don't worry about compromising the luxurious look of your rugs. Non-slip rug grips are completely invisible under rugs with their ultra-thin design!

The mat's non-slip handles leave no residue on your floor, so there's no surface damage after removal. You can use it at any time by cleaning it with water and letting it dry so that it recovers its adhesiveness. Reuse it as sticky as new!


ENSURE YOUR SAFETY: Made of non-slip silicone gel pads in a triangular shape, it fits perfectly on the corners of the mat. Strong tack keeps rugs firmly in place and flat.

KEEPS CARPETS LOOKING NICE: Prevent rugs from wrinkling and our rug grippers are totally invisible under rugs with ultra-thin design.

SAVING MONEY: Reuse it at any time - just clean it with water and let it dry to restore stickiness, reuse it as sticky as a new one!

EAST TO USE: Adheres to all carpets and fits well with almost all types of flooring: tile, hardwood, laminate, marble, concrete, etc. The most important thing is that the silicone gel pads do not leave residue on the floor, they do not damage any surface after removal!