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Nano Tech Ultra Soft Toothbrush (Buy 1 Free 1)

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**Limited 3 Day Promotion**

Have you used a toothbrush with over 10,000 bristles?

Brighten your smile with healthy white teeth!

With 12,000 ultra-fine bristles, you can deeply clean your teeth, every corner. 

Hard bristles can actually damage the enamel making you more prone to cavities which means more doctor visit! which is why we created the softest toothbrush!

NNano Toothbrush is unlike any ordinary toothbrush. With each micro-fiber bristle, it can cover more surface area of your teeth, and penetrate each enamel crevice to remove food residua, bacteria plaque, and stains!

Ultra-soft bristle are scientifically designed to deeply clean the gum line and inter-poximal areas between your tooth without irritating or abasing the gums.