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🔥Fire Magic Wallet🔥

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Fire Magic Wallet🔥

Fire Magic wallet is a sleek, durable, long lasting wallet that keeps everything neatly in place while also having an incredible ignitable tab that can make nice flames.

-Perfect for putting on a show.

-Useful in certain applications such as making a campfire, lighting up areas, self defense, etc.

-Flame is distant enough to assure your money is safe.

-Fits in various sized pockets with ease.

-Made with quality material to last years!


Safety is a top priority for us. When using The Fire Magic Wallet, none of your stored personal items (cards, cash, licenses) are at risk of burning. The flames stay within our flame pad keeping your items safe. When you close the flame pad, the set flames will autmatically cease to exist. Of course our product uses fire - please use common sense when in use. Refrain from touching the flames, beware of your surroundings, and use responsibly!


Everyone has the same old boring wallets these days, spice it up a little with The Fire Magic Wallet.

Prank your friends, show off to your fiends and family, or use its utility to the max!


No magic routine is complete without The Fire Magic Wallet! Creates sparks out of thin air, anywhere! We pride ourselves in it being the ultimate trick for performers.


The perfect conversation starter, our product allows you to have the eyes of everyone around you. Prank your friends and family, surprise the drive thru worker, make heads around you wonder what on earth it is you are holding!

Use it Everyday

You don't have to be a magician to use the flame wallet.Fire Magic Wallet is fit for everyday use and includes slots for credit cards, cash, and photos. The fire is just a bonus feature.

Surprise Others

Want to make yourself more intresting or get a good reaction at the drive through?Fire Magic Wallet is perfect for surpising friends and family.

Stay Safe

Your safety is our #1 priority. Fire Magic Wallet is designed to be safe and easily operated. That being said, please do not be reckless or use the wallet to hurt others.