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DermaPRO Rapid Milia Remover

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Before introducing our product, let's take a look at our satisfied customers

"It's been years since I had those nasty milia on my face, I've tried everything you can find in stores and since I had nothing to lose I tried this DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover. Literally in a week After using it, there are significantly fewer eye milia on my face and in no more than a month I had a face like I had 10 years ago, smooth and beautiful."

Beverly Clap--Pueblo, Colorado

"I'm a 41 year old female who has had these eye milia for 2 years, I've been told they will clear up on their own after a few weeks or a month but this is getting ridiculous. I bought DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover to help trying to get those ugly spots out of my face once and for all and to my surprise after just 7 days there are literally no milia left, i have endured 2 years where there is this miracle cure that can get rid of milia instantly thank you very much , Eye Milia Removal Cream!"

Jannine Amara --- Dearborn, Michigan

What are milia?

Milia are tiny cysts caused by harmless deposits of keratin under the skin. They often appear on the face and around and under the eyes. Milia are not pimples, and trying to remove them can lead to further inflammation and scarring. The pores must remove the accumulated keratin for the milia to disappear.

DermaPRO quick remover for milia

Our DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover boosts cell turnover, and less dead skin layers result in fewer clogs and fewer white bumps. This face serum works not only around the eyes, nose and cheeks, but also on the body.

It helps correct the visible signs of aging that can be caused by skin exposure such as pollution, stress and sun exposure to reveal a more even, flawless complexion, enhance radiance and double skin's strength. For all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Consists of 3 key factors for DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover

  1. Rhodiola
  2. honeysuckle blossom
  3. hyaluronic acid

Rhodiola is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant, Ricinus communis. It contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body. Rhodiola also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce milia and remove keratin, sweat, and oil.

Honeysuckle flower contains enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C that can help with skin conditions. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties make it an exceptional remedy for treating skin conditions like milia.

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits, particularly relieving dry skin, reducing milia, fine lines and wrinkles, and speeding up wound healing. Hyaluronic acid can thicken the cuticle and improve the skin's water-binding capacity, so that milia are reduced and the skin's elasticity is increased.


That is why the DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover is something special

  • Removes milia 10x faster.
  • The moisture content of the skin is retained, it becomes soft and radiant.
  • Gives the skin maximum hydration, especially in dry skin prone to wrinkles.
  • Moisturizing, whitening, firming and detoxifying action.
  • Effectively reduces fine lines.
  • Lifts the skin and lightens pigmentation.
  • Suitable for all skin types, make your face look smooth and elastic!

Krisha's 1 week DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover:

Krisha has had under eye milia throughout her adult life. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse, mostly because she was moving too much, eating poorly, not sleeping, etc. I have tried many different remedies but none of them helped so she just gave up and made it part of the life accepted. Lately she has been so bad that people have started commenting and even making little jokes. She laughed along, but inside she was ashamed. Krisha found this DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover online and ordered it.

Here is the result...

day 1

"I didn't pick it for the ingredients or anything, I never know what those things are anyway. I got my shipment and have been using it morning and night regularly ever since. I've noticed a definite improvement in my eye area."

day 4

"4 days after using DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover something has really changed. The milia have gotten smaller and a lot fewer and are starting to recede. I couldn't be happier and more satisfied. No more comments or jokes and I look more rested. This product is rich and smooth, is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, it's not at all greasy like others."

day 7

"This DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover was the only change in my routine and I realized how much it helped me! I ordered it again, have been using it for a week now and my milia under my eyes are already gone. Buy it it! Use it daily! You won't regret it."

Krisha Hall --- Alpine, Texas

This milia remover will save you a lot of money!

The natural ingredients of DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover have been carefully formulated not only to have a great effect on your skin, but also to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Originally only available in clinics

Several ladies here in the office have used this product and have already seen a positive improvement. This alternative can save you over ₹2,500 a year in expensive clinic visits.

  • Avoid expensive treatments
  • Avoid time-consuming appointments
  • Use it comfortably at home
  • Strong strength
  • Use it when traveling!

How to apply it:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly (clean and dry).
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of eye cream with clean fingers.
  3. Apply gently to the eye area and massage until absorbed, 2-3 times a day.

Product Details: DermaPRO Speedy Milia Remover