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Remove locking push-tab style electrical connectors found on mass airflow (MAF) sensors, fuel injectors, ignition coils, and other applications easily.



  • SOLID, SHARP AND DURABLE - Long reach needle nose pliers are made of hard 45 steel through high-temperature quenching and forging, they have high strength, high hardness, solid weight and feel, and the cutting edge with fine teeth is very sharp and durable.

  • SIZE - 11"/16", 2 curved needle nose pliers (90 degree angle) and two O-nozzles. Four styles available. The curved angle makes it easier to access different areas to perform repair tasks.

  • SECURE AND NON-SLIP HANDLES - The handle coating material is a dirt and grease sponge, which can increase friction grip comfort, and are flexible to use, our long needle nose pliers can protect your hands from sharp and hot working surfaces.

  • WIDELY APPLICABLE - It's an essential tool set for those hard-to-reach-places. The needle nose pliers set are very practical wire strippers and wire cutters, which can easily remove large-area wire stripping, hold and pull micro fasteners, handle special screws and bolts, etc.

Use the hook on the end of the pliers to pull out tab to unlock and then use the point to engage the tab. Squeeze the tabs together and lift to separate the connector from sensor without damage.


Allows the technician to use the tool with one hand, and to work on sensors in tight spots. The tool is 8" long and has dual durometer grips for comfort.


  • Material: 45 Steel

  • Weight: 11 inches:250G